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Frequently asked Questions

Hiring for tech positions taking too long or consuming too much of your team’s bandwidth?

Introducing AcuCert (www.acucert.com ), an Uber like marketplace of technology professionals from best of breed companies like Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, Google etc. who can help you in your interviewing needs.

How exactly does this work?

AcuCert’s professionals help you with the tech screening part of your interview funnel. This aspect is typically the highest volume & effort and has the lowest yield in terms of candidates selected post screening. Our professionals carry out these screens on your company's behalf for the skills, experiences, competencies per your job role and give you a detailed candidate assessment along with a full video recording of the interview, the code/whiteboard snippets etc.

What skills can our panel screen for?

AcuCert has started with a focus on IT skills and has empaneled hundreds of professionals with exemplary experience in domains/languages like Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Full Stack Engineers, UI/UX, QA, JAVA, C# and many more.

Can you show me how this works?

Click on the following link to see an actual candidate assessment sheet which was filled by our panelist post screening for a JAVA developer role on behalf of one of our customers (link - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IkcY0TTEJNO0OmRcDvz-Cs3iSSxCGn3t). Also listed below is the link to the complete video recording for the above screening (link - https://youtu.be/X73QcQFa-_A).

What's your pricing model?

We have a simple pricing model. We charge Rs. 2000 for each interview that you schedule on AcuCert. We also charge an outcome based fees equaling 2% of the CTC for every employee screened by AcuCert that you eventually hire.

OK, so how do I get started?

This couldn't be simpler. Simply reach out to us at sales@acucert.com and provide us the JD for the position you wish to fill and the profiles of the candidates you have shortlisted for the role. That's all we need from your end. AcuCert will then schedule interviews based on mutually convenient slots between the panelist and the candidates. Each interview will be recorded and a detailed assessment filled for each candidate which will quantitatively list how the candidate fared on key facets like problem solving, Algorithms, Coding, Design patterns etc.